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Client Testimonials

“I decided to start seeing Erin at Source Energy Wellness about 2 months ago, after struggling with poor habits and not being able to get into a good routine. The experience has been much more profound than I ever expected. She's taught me so much about myself and my motivations. I can honestly say that there has been a great improvement in my life after starting to work with her. I am still a work in progress, but with her help, I am continuously improving. I'm so grateful to her for her wonderful work and her support.” Sneha -Austin, TX

"Relationships, self-love, money, body image and physical pains have all improved after my sessions with Erin! I am so grateful for the experience of working with her. Every time, I am impressed by the graceful way she shares her talents. Better than therapy, more fun and way more effective! I highly recommend Erin. She's a gifted healer who truly cares about the well-being of her clients. Her methods are effective and she has a skill for helping change lives for the better. Thank you!" Jennifer -Austin, TX


​"I have been seeing Erin for over a year now and all I can say is- wow, what a year! She has helped me unblock old trauma and process through several issues that have been silently sabotaging me for years. This was my first experience with this type of healing and I didn't know what to expect. I had a very visceral experience that lasted for several days and brought many things to the light, unlike any other traditional methods I've used in the past. 


The healing was intense and expedient - exactly what I was personally looking for. I have other friends who have also had positive experiences and it seems to me that she is really able to tailor her approach to the specific needs of the client.  Highly recommend! Thank you Erin!" Michelle -San Francisco, CA

"Erin has a wonderful gift of helping people get out of their own way. She is intuitive, thoughtful, and calming which makes the time you spend with her uplifting. Within days of my first meeting, I began to notice positive results in all of the areas of my life that we focused on. I would absolutely recommend Erin's services to anyone looking for personal or professional guidance." Matthew -Austin, TX

"I was in desperation, dealing with medical illnesses. Now when I feel pain or tell myself negative things, I have tools to work them out. I have learned so much about my looping thoughts and how they were robbing me of happiness in life. I no longer go to see expensive therapists or take pills for focus or sleeping. Thank you for helping me change my life. I refer you to anyone I know who is struggling or open to these modalities. I really can't explain it but it just works. She is a true healer and great person. I never feel judged or afraid to tell her how I am feeling." Chloe -Austin, TX

"Erin taught me to channel in the Positive energy and to shift the Negative away, which was stifling my ability to make mindful and heartfelt decisions in my life. It's a work in progress, and without her guidance, I wouldn't be moving forward at all.  I leave her session with such an overall, wonderful feeling like, my soul has been empowered. 


While in Erin's session, I feel placed in a peaceful, trance-like state that allows me to release so much tension. With her guidance, this is how I am able to chase out the negativity that builds up inside me. I've had four sessions with Erin and each time, she has been spot on with her intuitive insights to my personal life. She is VERY intuitive!  I like that she follows up with you several days later and devotes the time right then and there to discuss your questions, concerns, feedback." Veronica -San Jose, CA

"I had no idea how profound and instant my results would be, or even what this "energy" stuff was about. I just figured, why not give it a try. The issues I wanted to work on with Erin immediately began to improve just after our first session! It was incredibly powerful and awakening." Kiki -San Jose, CA

“Erin is the real deal! She is informative, and determined to help you. I have been working with her a few weeks now, and she has been a huge impact on my personal journey and clearing out the junk within me to create the truest version of myself and potential. I highly recommend at least 1 one session to see what its all about. I find it really cool that she picks up on bodily reflexes as I am feeling them, and she is very connected to her own source of power and showing you how to do the same with your own power. Very gifted human-being!” Sabrina -Land O Lakes, FL

"Erin is not only deeply gifted as a healer, she has opened up my life to some amazing experiences as a result of her energy work. Her technique is also relaxing and soothing--both on a physical and mental level. What's more, she has brought to light some truths about myself that I needed to face and helped provide me with the tools I needed to change them. I would recommend her to anyone who is fortunate enough to have found her!" Laura -Los Gatos, CA

"Erin has helped improve my life in so many ways!! I did not really know what to expect in seeking coaching and energy work but I knew I needed some sort of therapy to help figure out what next to do with my life. I was not happy in my work and was really seeking the perfect career and perfect job that made me feel what my life's purpose was. Her energy work and guidance is SO impactful. If you are seeking a shift in your life and/or need some clarity, you will absolutely receive it after working with Erin.

"She is able to pinpoint what you are truly in need of clearing. Within minutes of finishing a session I have some new amazing thing happen-every time!! Even with a session over the phone, so intuitive!! I fully recommend doing a session with her regularly,  just as you do other therapies like getting a massage. It's especially great when you are having a tough week too. I always feel so much better after. Extremely grateful to have found this woman and her work." Heather -San Jose, CA

"I have worked with Erin on some major challenges I was having and loved the results. She is supportive and knowledgeable. Looking forward to working with her more." Ruby -Warren, PA

"I cannot quite put into words what this woman does loll... but because of her, I sleep more peacefully at night! If there is anything hindering your life in any way, I suggest going to her before taking any other course of action. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she is super accommodating, she even offers phone consultations when she was out of state!!! Thank you so much for everything you do Erin!” Kiran -Austin, TX

“I just came back from my session. Love it Love it Love it. My energy level was going down and I needed to uplift myself. She guided me through my thoughts in such a simple, subtle manner and the magic happened. For the first time, I really felt like I was able to grieve my brother's death (who I lost when I was eight)  properly. I do see him watching over me. Love you, Bro. Now I am recharged.  I also realized that I was sending some bad vibes around me. She also gave me some more simple tricks to stay in this state. Thank you Erin. Cannot wait for my next session.” Subba -Austin, TX

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