Peaceful Mind


April 13th-May 3rd

Cost: $139

This is a tough and uncertain time for all of us, The more we try to stay informed, the more we get swept into all of the fear, frustration, panic, and then your mother-in-law calls??!! Sound familiar?


This makes it really challenging to avoid anxiety, stress, over-eating and other behaviors that keep us stuck. Want out? Sign up for the series and get:

  • Daily, remote activations to reduce stress

  • 3 Live group calls 

  • One-on-One Session, suited to your specific needs

  • Text reminders to reprogram the brain to relax


Experience a peaceful and quiet mind now! 
























Removing Blocks To Self-Love 

Get replay of class and bonus items included!



Release self doubt, unworthiness and self sabotage. Take the first steps to loving yourself, exactly as you are right now!

Do you want to take better care of yourself but you're having trouble taking the first step? A lot of us have intentions of improving, but our belief systems cause us to fall into people-pleasing behaviors instead. As a result, we put other peoples' needs first and neglect the things that are really important to our well being.


Join Erin Rose Goon, Energy Healer/Transformational Coach, with over 20 years experience. We will identify these subconscious blocks and remove them as a group, assist you with tools to practice self-love regularly, and answer your individual questions or healing requests.







Previous Workshops

Dance Through Holiday Drama

Do the holidays send your health on a downward spiral? Aside from the magic and joy, the holidays can bring many social pressures, family triggers and bad habits that throw off your wellness routine. 


Are you worried about the people you will see over the holidays? Is your nutrition plan thrown off with all of the parties and goodies in your face? Obnoxious co-workers offering you cookies everyday?  Do you find yourself saying, “Screw it! I’ll restart my routine again in January!”


Dance Through Holiday Drama helps you release and move through all of that. We start by bringing all of the holiday baggage you want to let go of.  We will do extensive, energy clearing during the warm up, releasing stress, anxiety and beliefs that don’t serve you. You will learn a beautiful, beginner pole dance routine that allows you to stand in your power and sexiness. Finally, we will wrap up with an intention session, including practical tools to carry this powerful energy through the New Year! Join us!




Become A Self-Healer With Energy Healer Secrets 


Saturday, October 5th 

2:00 pm-4:00 pm 

Phoenix Rising Spiritual Center in Austin, TX

Cost $35

This workshop teaches you basic fundamentals of energy clearing so you can start helping yourself and others immediately! Learn how to:

  • Use acupressure points on the brain to release belief systems that no longer serve you.

  • Learn why positive affirmations don’t work for most people and what to do instead.

  • Rewire negative thought patterns.

  • Create new experiences by consciously directing your thoughts.

  • Train and develop your intuition so you gain deeper clarity with life decisions.

  • Receive energy clearing on topics like finances, anxiety, stress, health and relationships 

About your instructor:

Erin Goon is the owner of Source Energy Wellness in Austin, Texas. She practices Energy Healing, Access Consciousness, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki, and other techniques for healing trauma. With more than 20 years of collective coaching experience, Erin provides her students with a unique experience and a new level of inspiration and connection. 


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