Unlock The Possibilities 

       You are in the right place! Many clients come to me because they want to make positive changes in their lives. Why is there a breakdown between what we intend to do and the actions we actually take? It’s almost like there is an inner sabotage expert who is determined to see us fail at every attempt to improve.


       Believe it or not, we do have an inner saboteur. It all stems from our belief systems. Our belief systems are formed before age 6. We make certain decisions about what has happened and what it means to us. Those decisions stay in our subconscious and influence the choices we make on a daily basis. Here are some examples: "You're not creative.", "Rich people are crooks.", "You can't be a basketball player. You're not tall enough.", "Money is hard to come by."

       Do you have a belief system that is putting you in a box or preventing you from moving forward in life? Do you notice the same patterns happening again and again when you were sure that you had learned your lesson? Do you have a feeling of being stuck and overwhelmed at the same time? Do you ever wonder why you seem to struggle in life?  

       If this sounds familiar, you will truly benefit from energy clearing sessions. We use a very relaxing process that connects acupressure points on the brain.  This process allows us to remove those belief systems that aren't serving you well. The clearing allows you to change your story and create something new. What would you like to create today?


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