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“If you are seeking a shift in your life or need some clarity, you will absolutely receive it after working with Erin.”            Heather in San Jose, CA

“Within days of my first meeting, I began to notice positive results in all of the areas of my life that we focused on." Matthew in Austin, TX

"I no longer go to see expensive therapists or take pills for focus or sleeping. Thank you for helping me change my life.” Chloe in Austin, TX

“I feel like I've really made some progress and finally gotten myself out of the vicious cycle I was trapped in for so long.” Lauren in Austin, TX

"I had no idea how profound and instant my results would be, or even what this ‘energy’ stuff was about.” Kiki in San Jose, CA

“She has helped me unblock old trauma and process through several issues that have been silently sabotaging me for years.” Michelle in San Francisco, CA

Here's how I can help

Here's how I can help

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Image by Alexander Grey
      Dance Therapy/Joyful Movement
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About Erin




Erin Rose Goon is the owner of Source Energy Wellness in Austin, Texas.  She is an Energy Healing Coach,  professional choreographer, dance and fitness instructor,  wellness coach, and intuitive healer.  Erin references a variety of healing modalities when working one-on-one with clients, teaching large group workshops, and instructing dance classes that are infused with energy clearing. 





PHONE NUMBER: 512-516-4260


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